To the New Hire: Being the Best that You Can Be 

Hey there! Congrats on your new job!  Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of working, earning, and receiving the nod from the boss over a “job well done.”

The question is… how does one receive such a nod?

Being an employee is now the given – that is what you have just become, but becoming a good employee is something to strive for and work toward!  Here are seven easy ways to become the best that you can be as you start in your new position.

  1. Be Prepared

Adopt the boy scout motto. Being prepared is your #1 ally. It includes taking a trial run to work a day or two before you start. Make sure you know the way, where to park when you get there, and how long it will take you from point A to point B.  Read the book, or the paper they gave you – you know, the one that tells you what to expect, what to wear, and any other little oh-so-important detail. If this includes wearing or bringing personal protective equipment, like your good ol’ steel toe boots, then, by all means, don’t leave home without them. The fact is, a little preparation goes a long way.

  1. Be on Time 

It may seem obvious… but being on time to work shows that you care about and respect the time of the company. It shows that you are responsible and diligent with your own time. It shows common courtesy. Being on time, shows quite a lot. Perhaps that means leaving a few minutes early to beat the rush traffic, or skipping the Starbucks line, or knowing what time in the morning the school zones are operating and adjusting your drive time accordingly. Maybe it means setting your alarm to give you an extra 30 minutes to prepare for the day. Whatever it takes to get to your job on time without driving recklessly. (Definitely don’t do that – being pulled over for speeding will not help your arrival time. At all.) The bottom line is that you are being paid to work from a certain “o’clock” to another “o’clock.” Being punctual demonstrates you understand that.

  1. Show Initiative 

Initiative equals action. You show initiative when you see a problem and step ahead to offer a solution. You show initiative when you understand what needs to be done, and you do it without being asked. You show initiative when you are resourceful and helpful in a problematic situation. It demonstrates to your employers that you care about the company and are capable of the tasks that they give you. And honestly, initiative is good manager material!  (Do I see a potential promotion?!)

  1. Take the Opportunity to Learn

Take it when they offer extra training; when you want to understand more about what makes something work, whether it’s a machine or a process; when you have a chance to shadow in another department; when you’re just plain curious. Never be afraid to ask a question or ask for help when you need it! Employers are looking for people who add value to the organization. When you are willing to learn about what makes the WHOLE place tick, you do exactly that. Being able to talk about your role, and the jobs around you, knowledgeably, you will communicate an extra competence.

  1.   Be Honest

Honestly. Just tell the truth. By being someone that your employers can trust, you add value to your place in the company and let them know that they can depend on you. And in a world full of, well, un-truth, don’t you want to stand out?

  1.   Be a Team Player 

Don’t be that person. Everyone knows one. Rather than thinking only about yourself, look around you, be willing to step in, and be there for someone else. Look at those people you work with as part of your team. Being a team player means avoiding the office gossip and being unwilling to drag the names of your teammates through the dirt. (Plus, that is just straight-up being respectful of those around you.) Perhaps filling in for someone when they have a sick day or answering those extra phone calls when the rest of your team is busy filling the orders. Sometimes this means doing things that are not exactly in your job description. It isn’t just a quality of a good employee, but also a good leader.

  1.   Listen to Constructive Feedback 

For sure, this is hard. No one enjoys hearing how he/she can be doing better. Sometimes we like to think that we are all good as we are and don’t need to change, but whether this job is your dream job or a stepping stone in your career path, you can always be learning, growing, achieving, striving to do better. Better than your best! Instead of taking it personally, look at constructive feedback as an opportunity to improve and further your merit to the company. Not only that, but on a personal-not-part-of-your-job sort of way, look at it as a means to grow as a person.

In doing the above, you will be well on your way to bringing an extra-special caliber of excellence to your company by being the best that you can be!

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