Hiring Part-Time Help – Part II  

Last week, we talked about all the many benefits of hiring part-time help. Today we’ll give you the “How To” so you can move forward successfully.


Know What You Need 

Of course, this could be said of any hiring situation, but it’s worth repeating. Know precisely what you need before you start looking for your next employee. What job tasks do you have prepared for them to do? What skills are required for those tasks? Do you need them to work only on certain days of the week? Or certain shifts? We know this seems obvious, but you must have a clear idea of what you need before you start looking.

Be Clear about Expectations

From the beginning, make sure you are clear about what you need from the candidate. This includes stating that you are looking for a part-time worker as opposed to a full-time worker. You would be surprised how often this detail is excluded.

With a clear idea of what you need, share this with your potential employee. Clarify what tasks he/she will perform, as well as the required hours and skills.

Be Intentional with Your Hiring Process 

Be intentional. Evaluate the hiring system you are currently using to hire full-time workers. What procedures and policies also apply when hiring part-time – and which ones don’t. Create a process conducive to hiring part-time.

When interviewing potential candidates, be as thorough as you are for fulltime. Consider their resume, contact references, and follow your protocol for background checks.  Ask specific questions that will reveal experience, accomplishments, aptitude for learning, character, and personality, etc. It’s tempting to speed up this step, but a bad hire is a bad hire – even if it’s only part-time.

 Be Flexible 

We talked last time about how part-time workers can make your business more flexible to your customer base. But make sure to market yourself as flexible to the employee as well. Most people looking for part-time work are choosing to work fewer hours because of commitments and life situations. If you are flexible about this, it makes you even more attractive as an employer. (Picture yourself as a silicone spatula that bends to the shape of the bowl, but still has the handle that holds things in place.)

Don’t Downplay the Role 

Sometimes there is a stereotype that part-time help is not as valuable as full-time help. But as we discussed last week, your part-time workers can provide an incredible boost to the growth of your business! So, while you are eliminating the cost of healthcare and other benefits, don’t neglect appreciation, flexibility, and the occasional perk.

Know where to search 

Candidates searching for part-time work look on different platforms than those who are looking for full-time jobs. Those various platforms can help indeed, but may we suggest a better solution – connect with ERG Staffing. We maintain an extensive pool of talent, who are seeking part-time positions. We cover all the bases.

After all, we seek to serve both clients and candidates, focusing on creating mutually beneficial connections. With thirty years of trusted experience, we’re here for whatever you need. Whether you’re seeking part-time or fulltime, ERG Staffing offers flexible partnership models to meet your unique needs. We take care of the headaches of recruiting and hiring, so you can focus on your business. Contact us today.



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