The Benefits of a Part-Timer

Most businesses hire temporary part-time work at one point or another. Whether you need support staff during peak season, summer vacation times, family leaves, or various other reasons, part-time staff can be a real boon to your business. But don’t limit your business. Part-time help on an ongoing basis can also bring benefits.

Saves Cost
Full-time work is typically defined within 35-45 hours per week. Part-time is anything less than that, usually averaging at 20 hours a week. It lowers the cost of wages, and these employees don’t typically qualify for some of the benefits that are provided to full-time staff. After the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, businesses employing 50 or more workers are now penalized for not offering affordable health care to their full-time employees. Hiring two part-time staff instead of one full time for a position that’s easily shared can save substantially on the cost of benefits.

Allows Flexibility
Hiring part-time increases your ability to be more flexible as a business grows. Perhaps you are servicing needs for customers that are outside the sphere of regular business hours, and your full-time employees have already met their “hours quota.” Having a few part-time employees to meet the needs of your customer base over the weekend or after five o’clock expands the service times that you provide and could help you stand out in the community. Scheduling becomes easier to manage, as well. Full-time staff may not have as adjustable of a timetable. And perhaps there are just a few hours every day that you find yourself in need of an extra set of hands. Hiring part-time hours allows you to fill those hours with additional support for your company without ramping up for a new full-time hire.

Specialized Hiring
If you have a few specific needs within the company, consider hiring one or two specialized part-time workers to tackle that project? Maybe your staff can cover the basics, but some of the time, you need a tech expert. Hiring a part-time techie is usually less expensive than calling in a tech company every time you need expert help. Furthermore, are many highly skilled people looking for part-time work. For example, retirees who are not quite ready to be entirely done in the workforce, or women who started a family and want to find work-life balance by going part-time. Their years of experience could add extreme value to your team.

Bottom-line: Part-time help can be a vital solution to various issues. Watch for our blog on great tips to help you in the process.

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