Becoming an Employer of Choice 

Your product is distinct, your customer service is outstanding, and your ledger is consistently in the black. But do your people like working for you? Are you an employer of choice?

Top 6 ways to become an employer of choice:

  1. Culture 

No company is the right “fit” for every potential employee, but it’s essential to both identify the type of people you need and create the culture that attracts them.

  1. Offer competitive benefits

Once you identify the kind of candidate you desire, develop benefits and perks that attract that employee specifically. Know your competition and stay a step ahead. Whether it’s flexible hours, work from home options, or your company give-back programs, etc., focus on what draws the people you need. Present a package that appeals to your ‘audience,’ and the word will get around.

  1. Provide an opportunity for both challenge and growth 

As your employees mature in the company, ensure their responsibilities evolve with them. Empower them to grow in their careers with job assignments and learning opportunities. Provide tough, but achievable challenges. Inspire the employees to catch the vision of the bigger picture.

  1. Involve your employees in decisions 

Your employees are in the trenches of your business – they are tackling both the mundane and the extraordinary tasks every day. They probably have a good idea about how workflow and systems are either lacking or thriving. Give credence to their value by inviting their opinions and perspective. Listen to their ideas. Encourage pro-active problem solving and decision making within the sphere of their responsibilities.

  1. Respect your employees 

Treat your employees as people, not tools. Be fair, courteous, and kind in your communications with them.

  1. Recognize employee achievements 

Offer positive and constructive feedback on your employee’s performance. Recognize their achievements, of course, but also express appreciation for the day-to-day input.  Recognize motivation, diligence, creativity, and the list continues. Be specific in your appreciation. Express it verbally, in written form, and tangible ways.

Practicing these six characteristics will put your company on the map in attracting employees. Partnering with ERG Staffing will ensure engagement and hires. With over three decades of reliable experience, ERG Staffing is here for YOU.  We take care of the headaches of recruiting and hiring…so you don’t have to. Contact us today and let us help you thrive!


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