On the Job Training  

 “Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn.”        – Benjamin Franklin

OJT is an efficient method for building a team of valuable employees. It occurs on the job site, during working hours. A member of management or a senior employee teaches a new or less experienced employee how to fulfill his/her task correctly. A hands-on method, it incorporates existing tools, technology, and scenarios in a familiar setting, proving to be particularly useful in practical tasks. Employees learn not only job-specific skills, but also an overview of potential challenges and appropriate responses.

On-the-job training, an essential human resource management tool, has many benefits.

It’s cost-effective:

  • It is easy to arrange and manage.
  • It simplifies the process of adapting to a new workplace.
  • It doesn’t require special equipment, but merely uses what is typically used for the job.
  • It saves the cost of transportation, food, and even accommodation, that may occur when you send your employees away for off-the-job training.
  • It eliminates lost working time that happens when employees are trained off the job site

It’s applicable and relevant:

  • OJT promotes focused, intentional through training.
  • Expectations can be communicated quickly, and then applied as situations happen.
  • Employees learn about actual situations and current protocols as they occur.

It encourages productivity:

  • It’s an effective way to teach new employees their responsibilities and how to do them efficiently.
  • Employees learn to be productive, produce quality work, and deliver excellent service.
  • Immediate application of newly learned skills helps employees retain new information, knowledge, and abilities. They become proficient quicker.
  • It builds the skills of your current team. Training others jumpstarts a higher standard of internal coaching and learning, refining the skills of the trainer.

It builds employee morale:

  • It increases employee engagement.
  • It breeds a team-focused mentality as the new hire experiences the work culture directly from their team-mates.
  • It furthers employee professional development
  • It breeds confidence. Confident people tend to be happy people. And happy people make their workplace happy, too

In summary, on-the-job-training offers multiple benefits, which create a positive effect on your company’s reputation. Hiring employees with a strong aptitude for learning helps. Connect with ERG Staffing, and find the right staff. We work hard for you, helping you connect to your next hire and them to you.  We have been in the business of connecting people for more than thirty years. We provide a wide range of business and staffing needs.  Contact us today!




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