Why Should I Partner with A Staffing Company?

Talent-driven market. Skills gap. Gig economy. Low unemployment rate. These are the headlines that indicate it’s a challenge to engage and retain the workforce you need to thrive. Finding qualified candidates is a challenge. Covering the vacation gap is a struggle. Not mention filling in the gaps caused by turnovers.

Fortunately, there’s a viable solution. It’s called a staffing company. A reputable staffing company specializes in finding talent that best fits your needs while you manage other aspects of your business. They maintain an active database – full of potential candidates for those direct hire and temp-to-hire positions, as well as a pool of qualified temp staffing for fluctuating vacancies.

They are the experts. Their recruiters stay abreast of the latest trends, generational quirks and styles, and the continually growing IT aspects of every industry.

Consider the top 10 benefits of partnering with a staffing company.

1. Simplify your hiring process. You share your job description – they find a short-list of candidates qualified to fill the position.
2. Trust their expertise. They have extensive experience in filling vacancies across multiple markets.
3. Fill vacancies promptly. Their vast database of pre-screened candidates ensures a prompt filling of vacancies.
4. Save time and cost on back-office responsibilities. They often offer payrolling in addition to staffing.
5. Gain the value and expertise of their temp employees – without any of the headaches of payroll, taxes, benefits, etc.
6. Focus on what you do best, while they cover staffing.
7. Try before you buy. A predesignated time frame allows time to try out an agency employee before committing to hiring the employee directly.
8. Improve company morale. Temps help reduce employee burnout by filling in the gaps caused by vacations, peak seasons, medical leaves, and increased production needs.
9. Save on overtime costs. Your cost for temp employees who fill in the gaps is consistently less than paying overtime to long-term staffing.
10. Grow the business, serve your clients, and strengthening your company’s brand while they take care of recruiting, filling vacancies, and managing support staff.

Finding the best staffing partner for your business is a cinch when you know about
ERG Staffing. We get it — no company works without great people. For more than 25 years, ERG Staffing has been connecting clients with the talent they need to succeed. Starting with personal interviews and pre-hire screenings to training and orientation, we make sure each candidate is ready for the job, and that you always have the right people at the right time. Contact us today.


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