Looking to Get Back to Work? How Temp Work Can Help!

Have you been out of the workforce for a while? Perhaps you were laid off, or stayed home to take care of young children or an elderly parent – whatever your reason, getting back to work after a break can sometimes be challenging.

In the time you’ve been away from the workplace, a lot may have changed. There are new skills to master, new expectations to meet, and new relationships that need to be made. It’s natural to feel a little anxious.  So where do you start? A great place to start is with a professional temp agency that is experienced in placing applicants in your area.

Here are four ways that the right temp agency can help make your journey back to the workforce easier and more successful:

1 – Help Assess Your Abilities

What are your strengths? What types of skills can you offer and how well do these skills match the needs of employers in your area? The right temp agency will work with you to assess your strengths, and provide valuable advice about how you can build on old skills and gain new ones.

2 – Help You Find Work Quickly

A professional staffing agency acts as a hiring partner to companies that are seeking workers. Most of these jobs are not available online; they are only available through the agency. If you’re the right person for a job, the staffing agency can help you land an interview quickly as well as a job that meets your skill set.

3 – Help You Build Your Resume

One of the many benefits of working with a staffing agency is that you get to “try out” different jobs and industries. With each new placement, you’ll gain valuable skills, knowledge and experience that will strengthen your resume.

4 – Help You Build a Network

With each job opportunity, you’ll get to meet many new people, including managers and supervisors. Impress them with your can-do attitude and work ethic, and there’s a good chance they’ll keep you in mind for a permanent position or provide you with a valuable reference when you’re ready to seek full-time work.

Whether you’re looking for a position in light industrial work or in the skilled trades, or prefer a technical, clerical or professional position, the ERG Staffing team is ready to help you find a job that is right for you. To find job opportunities in your area, contact the ERG Staffing office nearest you today or call 866-ERG-HIRE and take a first, confident step to career success!

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