Building a Solid Reputation with Integrity 

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.”    King Solomon

In business, a ‘good name’ or in other words, your reputation, is everything. With today’s consumers – especially Millennials – putting stock in the values and the integrity of the companies they buy from, a compromised reputation directly affects the bottom line. (and that’s not in a positive way)

What exactly is integrity? Honesty. Ethics. Sincerity. Doing what’s right. Uncompromising standards. These are all things that first spring to mind.  Mr. Webster defines integrity as an, “adherence to a code of values, incorruptibility, soundness, completeness.”  In other words, a moral standard – the North Star that guides the decisions of the company.

It boils down to putting your focus on what counts; Like customer service, honesty, and a personal moral compass that makes up the heart of your business. And doing it – not for the sake of the bottom line, but because it’s what is right.  A core of integrity will build a reputation that the consumer trusts. And the funny thing is – when you keep your focus right, a stable and profitable bottom line follows.

Foundational Elements of Integrity:


Trust is about relationship; and is the bedrock on which a successful organization can develop. A company builds trust with their customer base when they keep their personal information secure. Confidence grows when a product is delivered on time and as promised.  They build trust with employees by employees by establishing open communication, hiring and paying fairly, investing in them, and keeping one’s word.

Honesty and Transparency 

Honest-to-goodness! An honest, transparent company will be upfront about any costs and charges associated with the product from the very beginning of the sale/relationship. They will not lie about services their customer needs to make a sale. They will be truthful about the types of materials used to create their product and will not falsely advertise their brand. They will be transparent regarding their workflow and systems, perhaps even using an on-the-ground and trusted employee to be a spokesperson.!

Making Integrity Part of the Culture 

Through practical training, intentional onboarding, and the example of the employer, a team of employees will learn to act in accord with the moral code of the company. The goal is for each employee to take personal responsibility for helping to maintain the integrity of the business as they go about their daily tasks. Establishing and implementing a “Code of Conduct” for staff, teaching a team the why behind the what, can instill the correct motives into a work team.

Ownership and Accountability 

Something happens, and the service falls short. The deadline is missed. An employee says something questionable, and it becomes public. In the age of near-ceaseless communication, negative news travels fast, creating a higher need for accountability. Customers who see that a company acknowledges mistakes and does all in their power to make amends genuinely will be more likely to return!

Leadership with Personal Integrity

We can talk all day about best practices and what integrity looks like in a practical sense, but unless it’s a mindset, it won’t happen. It cannot be faked. Integrity begins with leadership. A company run by executives who care about what is right will build a business that is reputable with a name that speaks for itself.

Perhaps the late Jon Huntsman Sr. said it best, “There are no moral shortcuts in the game of business or life. There are, basically, three kinds of people, the unsuccessful, the temporarily successful, and those who become successful. The difference is character.” 

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