5 Tips to Stay Safe on the Job

Workplace injuries happen every day. Luckily, many of these injuries can be avoided. While your employer is responsible to provide you with a safe work environment and to show you how to manage workplace safety risks, there is a lot you can do to reduce your chances of getting seriously hurt at work.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe while on the job:

1-Follow the Rules.

Workplace safety rules are there to protect you. To minimize the risk of an injury, make sure you understand any job hazards, and that you always follow all safety rules and procedures.

2-Wear Protective Equipment. 

Your employer should provide you with the necessary protective equipment to ensure your safety. When used appropriately, protective equipment can greatly reduce your risk of being injured. If your job requires the use of safety gear, make sure to wear the required protective equipment at all times.

3-Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions.

Talk to your supervisor if you’re unsure of anything or have any concerns. Always ask questions and get answers that you understand so you can perform your job safely.

4-Watch Your Back.

Some jobs require workers to pick up and carry heavy loads. Whenever you pick up a heavy object, keep your back straight, bend at your knees not your waist, and use your thigh muscles to do the heavy lifting while keeping the load close to your body.

5-Stay Sober On the Job.

You are 270% more likely to have a job related accident if you have an alcohol problem (NCADD). Stay away from drugs and alcohol when you are at work. They alter your judgment and alertness and are a key factor in 3% of workplace fatalities!

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