Stop Waving Reg Flags at the Interview

You earned an interview, and the date is set. It’s an incredible opportunity and has the potential to carry you to the next phase of your career. No pressure, right?

Red flag awareness is crucial. As you prepare for your upcoming interview, here are some tips to help you out:

Arrive on Time 

Late arrival is the number one thing that sends warning signals to a hiring manager. Why? It conveys:

  • Poor time management
  • Lack of respect for others
  • Unreliability
  • You don’t care about the interview, or the job for that matter
  • You will make this a habit and be late to work

Barney Cohen, President, and founder of Business 360 Northwest, points out, “That one action [late candidates] tells me that the person isn’t really serious about working for me. It shows a lack of caring about performance that is likely to carry all through this person’s tenure with the company. I would not even consider hiring someone who doesn’t show up on time for the job interview.”

Answer Questions Clearly 

Another “red flag raiser” is vague, indefinite responses, which indicate, at best, an inability to communicate and, at worst, a lack of talent and accomplishments. Be concise and articulate when answering questions. Give specific examples that define who you are and your capabilities.

Maintain Eye Contact 

You communicate more than you realize with your eyes. Failure to maintain eye contact reflects a lack of sincerity, interest, and confidence. It implies that you have something to hide and erodes trust.

Come Prepared 

Bringing along extra copies of your resume, portfolios, or anything else that provides insight about your qualifications, is standard practice. Show up without them, and you may appear as if you don’t care about the job. Come prepared with questions about the company and your potential role. A good interview flows like a two-way conversation. A lack of questions suggests that you aren’t all that interested in the position.

Conduct Yourself Professionally

Presenting a professional image is essential. Avoid

  • Crude and inappropriate language
  • Arrogance – in place of healthy confidence
  • Gossip about previous jobs or employers
  • Phone and electronic device use during the interview
  • Attire inappropriate to the position
  • Questionable or sketchy online presence
  • Bad references

Interviews play a significant role in your career.  Arrive on time, dress appropriately, and come prepared and ready to answer questions. Show genuine interest and respect, and you’re going to do fine.

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