Spring Cleaning your Social Media Pages 

Daylight has sprung us forward, and the trees are flaunting their pretty colors. The time has come for the annual clearing out. The yearly purge. Spring Cleaning. Besides, we all seem to have extra time right now with the stay-at-home edicts. Perhaps you are thinking of your pantry or the deepest, darkest depths underneath your bed, but what about cleaning up your social media pages? It will undoubtedly help if today’s challenges result in a future job search. Here are some tips for “sanitizing” your social media.

 1. Moderate Your Platforms 

All things in moderation, right? There are SO many different social media sites. Although Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are immensely popular, there are countless other sites that allow countless connection opportunities with countless people. The pressure to appear a certain way, to “like” and be “liked,” to stay on top of the social media game, and to gain the most followers can be consuming. Doesn’t it get exhausting? Perhaps it’s time to scrub one or two, or even three different apps off your phone. It’s ok to do this. You can’t keep up with everybody!

Besides, it’s better for your professional presentation to do a few platforms well, rather than a lot, haphazardly.

2. Moderate Your Platforms – AGAIN 

Yep, we’re still talking about this. Maybe you don’t have lots of different platforms that you participate in, but what about the one or two that you do? Do you ‘follow’ people that you don’t follow? As in, you follow them, watch their stories once in a blue moon, but don’t pay attention to their feed? If their name is merely a name included in your “Friends” or “Following” list – clear them out! Otherwise, it clutters up your feed with things that don’t interest you. Who has time for that?

We all have Influencers that we follow, so make sure that they are representative of you and your values. It can make a difference when a potential employer scans your social media.

3. Update for Your Profile 

Keep your profile photo up-to-date – and the right file size. That old picture may be charming, but it doesn’t represent you as you are right now. Ensure your social media bio is current and reflective of who you are, not who you were. Clean up your posts – those pictures of that party or the comments you wrote when spouting off probably won’t endear you to a potential employer. If you are on LinkedIn, make sure that your current job status is . . . well, current.

According to surveys, a whopping 70%of recruiters check social media profiles and more than 65% Google a candidate’s name before calling them for an interview. Maybe spring cleaning your social media pages is more than just a great way to pass the stay-at-home time.

So, clean up your social media and come on down to ERG Staffing. Whether you’re looking for a position in light industrial work, the skilled trades, or in a technical, clerical or professional position, if you are ready to work, ERG Staffing is ready to help you find opportunities that match your experience, interests, and skills. Contact us today.


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