T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K – Part II

Last week in Part I, we offered insight to team leaders. Today, we are directing our thoughts to the individual team members.

As an employee, you are part of a team. And whether you always enjoy it or not, being part of a team teaches us much about human interaction and ourselves. Being part of a team blends your strengths and weaknesses with those of others to form a tandem workflow. It strengthens your communication skills and brings home the truth that you are not the only one with good ideas.

As a team member, you are responsible for your attitudes and actions. Whatever you do, it affects everyone around you, so let’s chat for a little bit about what you can do to be a first-rate team member!

Be Good Communicator: Everyone has different ways of processing information. Learning how your co-workers/team-mates process information will be helpful as you communicate with them!

Develop your emotional intelligence:  Since EI helps you to understand yourself and others better, improving yours is essential. Learn to identify your feelings and your team members’ and then integrate them into healthy decisions and actions.

Respect others: Recognize and appreciate the differences among your team members. Trust others to fulfill their tasks – even though they might use a different method than you would. Treat each one the way you wish to be treated.   The Golden Rule is called “Golden” for a reason.

Don’t Get Too Big for Your Britches: Okay, we can laugh a little at the colloquialism, but this attitude is toxic. – Recognize that the definition of a team is a collaborative group of interdependent people. The very word “interdependent” means that you are mutually dependent on one another. You need them; they need you. There isn’t any room in a good team for superiority.

Do your share – plus a little: Be confident in your personal skill sets and use those skills to do your tasks well.  Meet your deadlines. Be willing to fill in the gap when some hits an unexpected challenge.

Being part of a team is something we all experience at some point. ERG Staffing is here to help you find the best team for you. Whether you’re looking for a position in light industrial work, the skilled trades, or in a technical, clerical or professional position, if you are ready to work, ERG Staffing is ready to help you find opportunities that match your experience, interests, and skills. Contact us today.



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