Every 7 Seconds – Workplace Safety!

Every 7 seconds a worker is injured on the job –

Which comes to 514 injured workers per/hour; 12, 336 per/day, and 86,352 per week.  And results in 104,000,000 lost production days! Yikes!

We aren’t trying to scare you; well . . . maybe a little – just enough to wake you up to the facts and inspire you to do something about safety in the workplace.

No, we’re not going to tell you that every accident is preventable, although a lot of them are, but by looking at some of the typical culprits and doing something to change the status quo . . . you can change the status quo.

Slipping, tripping, and falling:  It’s a common instigator of injuries with simple solutions.  So . . .

  • Keep all walkways dry and free from clutter.
  • Clean up spills and debris immediately. Set up fluorescent cones to block the area while gathering cleanup supplies and during cleanup activity.
  • Pay attention to outdoor walkways and parking lots. Take care of winter snow and ice promptly.
  • Wear proper footwear for the job.
  • Watch where you’re going.

Strains and Sprains. Injuries from overexertion rank high on the list.

  • Ensure that employees utilize PPE. For example, belts for back support when lifting heavy items or prism glasses for tasks that involve continually looking up.
  • Take time for 2-minute stretches – especially when doing repetitive tasks.
  • Encourage employees to know their limits.
  • Follow safe lifting practices, such as squatting and letting your leg muscles, rather than your back, do the work and avoiding twisting while lifting.
  • Use tools designed for heavy lifting.

Elevated Falls. Falls from platforms, ladders, and other elevated positions often result in serious injuries, extended time off work, and even fatalities.

  • Use the correct equipment every time.
  • Anchor ladders.
  • Install railings on stairs and platforms.
  • Use proper PPE – such as safety harnesses.

Falling objects. Great care must be taken when loading and unloading items or working above other workers.

  • Once again, use the correct equipment.
  • Keep equipment maintained.
  • Require hard hats and steel toe boots in construction and loading zones, and areas with high shelving.

Machine entanglement. From the use of heavy machinery to running simple machines on a production line, getting caught can result in serious and life-threatening injuries.

  • Wear appropriate clothing and PPE equipment.
  • Remove watches and jewelry.
  • Secure long hair.
  • Keep equipment safety guards in place.

Take responsibility. Reducing workplace injuries begins with a safety mindset from management down. It’s as vital as breathing.

Establish a safety board to:

  • Identify typical risks in your industry and follow industry standards.
  • Conduct a safety survey to identify susceptible areas and create a prevention plan.
  •  Conduct consistent safety check-ups.
  • Establish an emergency protocol and an action plan

Make Employee training a priority. Require new employees, as well as temps, to complete safety protocol training. Conduct regular re-training sessions for all employees. Ensure that all employees wear required safety equipment and use tools and equipment properly. Encourage employees to:

  • Report unsafe conditions.
  • Avoid taking shortcuts.
  • Wear appropriate clothing/hairstyles.
  • Follow ergonomics standards.
  • Move around and take regular breaks.
  • Keep the workspace clean.

Worker safety plays a significant role in multiple industries. Companies who prioritize safety and take a proactive approach to injury prevention and treatment demonstrate a strong commitment to employee well-being. Where do you stand?

ERG Staffing takes a strong stand for safety. We will review your company-provided safety and orientation materials with our employees, and administer testing, when applicable, at our location, before sending our temporary employees onsite. That’s just one of the reasons that ERG Staffing is the right choice for you. Contact us today.


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