5 Ways the Right Staffing Agency Can Save You Money

Is your company focused on reducing costs and maximizing profits? Here are 5 ways a quality staffing agency can save your company money.

1. Reduced Screening and Hiring Expense

Time is money, and screening and hiring new employees is time consuming: jobs must be posted, responses tracked, and candidates must be vetted and interviewed. A staffing agency will absorb the vast majority of these tasks as well as their related expenses, decreasing your employee screening and hiring costs while freeing up valuable time.

2. Decreased Payroll Costs

Once workers are hired, the staffing agency will set up payroll for its associates, absorbing the cost of their paychecks, payroll taxes, benefits, and unemployment and workers’ compensation premiums. Payroll costs for these workers are eliminated as well as the costs of unemployment claims and workers compensation claims.

3. Reduced Training Costs

Your staffing agency partner maintains a database of candidates that identifies their skills and experience. This allows you to quickly employ contract workers with the desired skills, and significantly reduce training time and expense. Quality staffing agencies will also provide basic workplace safety training for their associates, so that your company can focus time and resources on specific job safety training.

4. Lower Insurance Costs

Because staffing agencies are required to provide comprehensive insurance coverage for their associates, including general liability and workers’ compensation insurance, your company’s insurance burden is substantially reduced.

5. Decreased Overtime and Benefits Costs

By using a staffing agency to provide temporary workers for peak seasons, your company can eliminate the cost of benefit expenses for these workers, while avoiding paying overtime hours for your full time employees.

For over a quarter century, ERG Staffing has partnered with clients in a diverse range of industries, helping them to reduce staffing costs while enhancing their workforce. Reach out to us with your next project. Call us at (888) 895-5200 to learn more about how ERG Staffing can bring value to your organization.

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